Wednesday, 25 July 2012

White Roller Drongos

Ah, so Africa hasn't quite cured me of all my flaws and weaknesses. It can't have mellowed me entirely or softened the reactive and impulsive in me yet. Why?

Because today there was another white person in the village and we literally stared each other out.

She was giving me evil eyes, and I was giving her evil eyes and it was like this little seed of malcontent in my tummy went 'BOOM' and grew into a rage of jealousy. Who the hell does she think she is in my town?

Haha! How pathetic. Maybe I'm dramatising for effect, but the fact is that in a culture where everyone greets each other, we were perhaps most conspicuous not because of our skin colour, but because of our antisocial personas.

But luckily I'm taking that as another lesson learned. Don't be a bitch. Be nice. Love everyone. Put your claws away.

On a positive note, today I saw the best bird in the world. I learned that it was a lilac breasted roller. Look it up, its amazing. I also learned today that there's a type of bird called a drongo. Which I found quite funny.

But when I look at birds, or do other stuff I enjoy - read books, walk a lot, etc, people can't believe it. I don't know why. I stopped to look at this lilac breasted roller and someone walked past me and asked me what I was doing. When I told them I liked the bird they said 'WHAT? You're looking at a bird??' and walked off lauging.

Yesterday I sat on the front lawn of my lodge and read my book and someone came up to me and laughed and said 'Haha! You're reading!'. I wasn't sure what to say. 'Urm...yeah'.

Same thing when I was sunbathing in the lodge the other day. Just sitting on a chair in the sun after work, one of the girls in the lodge came up to me and couldn't believe I was sunbathing. She looked SO confused. And asked me why on earth I was sunbathing. When I tell people here I like the sun, they look at me as if I've just sh*t myself.

I go out to watch the sun go down most evenings. It's so beautiful. A huge pink bauble on the horizon every night. So I watch it and people are looking at me like I'm the mad old woman that might start hitting you with an umbrella.

Same as the stars. So many beautiful stars, but you'd think I was the elephant man the way people look at me when I stay out to watch them.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I've accidentally got my boobs out when I'm doing all of these things. Or maybe someone is playing the peg game on me all the time. Maybe I'm looking at the birds on 'no bird-watching' day, or maybe they think I'm worshipping the sun and I'm a pagan heretic.

Or maybe, just maybe - I should quit worrying about what people think? Yes - that's number two lesson of the day learned. Stop worrying. Be yourself. Love it all. Put your crazy neurons away.

I'm going to walk the long way home from work (not that I'm writing this in work, Welsh Assembly Government) and see if I can see any more rollers or drongos. I will keep you updated because I'm absolutely positive you'll be on the edge of your seats in anticipation otherwise.



  1. Hehehe there are just getting better and better. Drongos! Hehehe. I'm with you sis, I bet the stars and sunsets are amazing there. Keep posting lovely it's the closest thing to being there, stay SAFE xxx

  2. Don't try and find all the answers cis, you've got far more than you think already. x Love you, Pops

  3. Great stuff - have you seen any Mad Donkeys yet? Keep happy and safe - Jorben

  4. Jorb! I thought of you - on my first day I saw two extremely cute little donkeys! But one had evil in his eyes and sharpened teeth. And in his saddle bag I could just make out the shape of a Hannibal Lecter mask.....

    How are you? What's the goss? Miss you guys!

  5. that's so interesting to read about how different our cultures are! im really quite surprised they think you're weird for those things! wish i could see those things with you though! loving it! -christie xxx

  6. I really want to be there to see your little face of confusion!! xx LillyBet xx

  7. Awww, it doesn't take much to confuse me, LillyBet!

  8. I want your life to be made into a film - and you have to play yourself :)LB xxx