Pics and clips of my trips

5th July 2012

I was so gutted because I ordered everything beautifully. I had a pile of works trousers, a pile of lounging around trousers, a pile of works tops, a pile of lounging around tops, etc. And then my cat came in played a game she likes to regularly play called 'MESSING SH*T UP!!!!'

9th July 2012

Saying goodbyes to my little fwiends! (Yes, I did mean fwiends).

Hannah organised a goodbye meal and drinks for me, and it was so lush! My friends are so thoughtful and amazing. Here are a few of them....

July 14th
Proof that I found the spar!

Oh and these are the only real friends I've made so far...

16th - 26th July

 My office!

 At an important meeting! Sssshhhh, Lucy - don't mess up!

 Some crazy looking guinea fowl

 The traditional dish is nshima, here it's being made by a local lady

 Meeting some women who have been affected by land rights abused and gender based violence

 Making friends!

 A community meeting in the rural villages
 My colleague, Charles and two of the land advocacy members on the project that I'm working on
School kids at the village school

I met this little dude the other day!

A springing impala

Some zebra having a break from running so fast!

 Some African views


  1. Sister,your'e sooo amazing and special xlook at you sprinkling your magic around the world,so proud of you.Now enough of all this photo taking and get on with getting that bleeding land back eh?!Love you x Lou and Moo x

  2. awwwww amazing pics Lucy, I know that people's perceptions of europeans will be changed or at least rethought by your presence there. Thinking about how lot of Africa and Asia are portrayed through our government propaganda, I wonder how bad African countries think of us as a society, we must look pretty bad, greedy even without political spin. Your smiley loveliness will build bridges Luce. Keep the pics coming,x
    ps that dog is the cutest!