Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm in my room looking out of my window and there's this tree directly in my line of vision thats really tall and bears these fruits that are crazy looking. They look like green dreadlocks.

I have no idea what they are, but it doesn't surprise me that there is some crazy exotic fruit in the garden. Also in the garden there are mango trees, olive bushes, pawpaw trees, tangerine trees, cashew nut trees, avacado trees, banana trees, some weird nut thing that I've never heard of trees and pineapple trees.

All that in a garden. You would never have to go to Morrisons ever again, would you?

The other thing that is so beautiful here is the host of sounds that you hear when you stop and listen. So as I write this I can hear birds. They're so loud and full of life and they don't stop until sunset, which is normal for any country, but there are so many here. And I guess because the sound of traffic isn't deafening like at home you can hear every sound they make.

I can also hear distant music, and it doesn't even matter that I've heard this song over and over again since I've been here. It's happy music and it lifts people's spirits. I can hear laughing and joking between people out in the compound. And that's something that I don't go an hour without hearing - laughing, joking, excited voices, happy people.

I can hear sweeping brushes. That may sound silly, but its a really common sound, here. People sweeping their compounds and the front of their houses constantly! I'm not sure that really makes any sense because Zambia is the sandiest, dustiest place I've been to for a long time and as soon as you stop sweeping there's a breeze, a car or an animal that will take you back to square one again. But each to their own....

Maybe its worth mentioning what I can't hear, too. I can't hear traffic. I can't hear planes. I can't hear people's mobile phones going off every two minutes or people's frustrated fingers tapping a laptop or an ipad. It's wonderful.

And at night the sound of the insects, cicadas mainly, is so loud its crazy! But its beautiful and exotic and exciting.

And to compliment all the amazing sounds of Zambia are the colours. People wear colours that are as bright as their smiles. Patterns of every style, and colours that you would normally think clash but here are boldly and confidently worn. And the sky is bright blue. The sun is golden in the day and red in the evening. The sand is dusky and orange, the buildings are white or blue or pink and the smiles are the faces on people as they walk by are shining with warmth and happiness.

And that's what I wake up to every morning. It can't help but make you smile. It can't help but put a spring in your step when you walk to work, and it's helping me put as much energy and dedication into my job as I can. And above all, it's making me feel so lucky to be here, learning, experiencing and soaking it all up like a very, very colourful sponge.



  1. perhaps we should go and live there. just seen hannah and habbiba off at the station heading to india. all very excited but apprehensive also. well thats both of you in a bright and colourful country with the sun as well. we will stay home in the horrible rain, boo hoo your mummy loves you

  2. Myke & Christie6 August 2012 at 14:39

    awwww sounds so lush Luce, me and Christie are reading, drooling with envy :)
    That tree looks like runner beans!
    Take lots and lots of photos so you can make us more jealous when you get back,
    Stay safe