Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jibber Jabber

Before I came to Zambia I had a meal with some of my friends in pizzaexpress to say 'ciao'.

My lovely friend Gareth Bickerton - (I used to think of him as a funder because he works for UnLtd, but in reality he's just a really nice bloke who has become a friend) popped along. Not for pizza, just to say hello and goodbye at the same time. When he passed by we had a conversation about my blog. I can't remember the exact conversation because I was tipsy already, but he said something along the lines of 'when are you going to write you first drunk blog?'

Gareth, today marks a momentous day.

I had to come to Lusaka to renew my visa, see someone, somewhere about something, (can't remember) and hopefully get a massage for the car crash injuries that are still causing me f**k loads of pain.

The plan was to get to my hotel in the evening and catch up on all of the sleep I've been missing because of the neck pain and the local mosque call to prayer that wakes me up at 5am every morning.

However, that plan quickly turned into seven beers in the hotel bar.

But it was amazing, though because I only paid for one. There was a few people in there and one of them kept sending drinks over to my table, which was amazing!  Now, I'm sure the etiquette is to figure out who it is, go and say hello, chit chat, exchange numbers, blah, blah, blah...But I just drank all the beers and then left without saying goodbye. Is that bad?

Anyway. That's the situation.

Apart from that, and in terms of the trip - I went to a meeting absolutely out in the far away sticks yesterday. Probably the most remotest I've been for a long time, and it was amazing. The meeting was great, the drive there was bumpy but amazing, the mountains were amazing, the sunset was amazing, the welcome was amazing, the everything was amazing.

I feel so, completely happy here. And it's amazing. But I have a tiny little feeling that I might have a bit of a headache tomorrow, which won't be that amazing.....

THE END (of my first drunk blog)


  1. not such a bad drunk blog. but what has your mummy told you about taking drinks from a stranger, unless he was handsome. xxxx

  2. tut tut! your mother is right! but that was a quite coherent blog anyway! awww, glad you love it but i hope you come home! xxx

  3. The etiquette, if you accept the drinks, is simply to ask the waiter who is sending the drinks over to you so you can thank them!

  4. hehehheeh you can take the girl out of barry .... heheheh. Nice work sis, hope the punishment isn't too bad in the morning x