Saturday, 7 July 2012


My friends are so talented and amazing. I love it.

My sisters are writers. Both have written books and one a screenplay, too. She has an agent and everything. The other one is an amazing contemporary dancer and an amazing mother to an amazing child who is an amazing baker and an amazing artist. I'm so proud of both of my nieces.

My parents are equally as amazing. My dad is an inventor and has a creative mind which always produces such wonderful ideas. My mum is waaaaay cleverer than she gives herself credit for. She knows loads about different countries and she's artistic with interior design.

In my circle of friends I know people who are amazing with textiles, but I don't what they're called. Textilers? Textilliers? Textilents? Anyway, Helen is amazing. She makes dresses and other bits and bobs with her own prints. How clever is that?! - this is her.

Then there's Liz who is BooBoo Bakes, which is the best cupcake place in this neck of the woods, if not ever in the universe in all of time.

Miss Patisserie is bath bomb heaven and doing really well, Charlotte is her name. She gave me free bath bombs the other day. They were amazing. I normally take a shower, but I had to have three baths in a row just so I could use the bath bombs. I was smelling so fresh that day.

I know heaps of musicians who are way amazing! Too many to list, maybe but there are about a billion of them. I know a lot of producers and DJ's, too, who blow my mind with their musical genius when I see them. Like Marcus. Or DJ Kinx. He's very cool and teaches me cool words and phrases that I can say to the young people to not look embarrasing. He teaches me how to connect with the yoof.

Myke and Christie are amazing, too. You could lift Myke up and put him in the most wildest of wildernesses and he would survive because he's even better than 6 or 7 Ray Mears's put together. He's a forager. Christie is an artist and is always channeling her beautiful energy in something creative.

The volunteers in SAFE land blow my mind every day. They're amazing and clever and strong. Chanty plays baseball, Stella is a great cook and Jade is an actress. Bea is so clever and going to be a midwife. Eve is uber intelligent, too and is an adventurous traveller in her heart.

Dan G and Emily G are amazing photographers and Beth at Forbesfield Flowers is the best florist that you'll find anywhere. Annie is amazing with horses and she's a proper solicitor, too. Clever!

There's more to add to the list! There's academics, scientists, musical souls, scientists who are musical souls, (George), animal people, people great with kids, great parents, skateboarders, skiiers, snowboarders, footballers, nurses, doctors, builders, film makers, carpenters, computer geeks, webbie designers, massage therapists, theatrical people, mathsy and numbers type of people, people who have built their own eco houses, fishermen, wine connoisseurs. The list is endless.

I should have Africa on my mind today, but all I can think about is how amazing my friends are and how committed they all are to what they do. I'm very, very proud and grateful to have the best people in my world. I'm sorry I don't get to see them enough, but I appreciate them all the time.

I'm not sure how to end this without sounding completely soppy, but I love you all very much.

Perhaps my subconscious thinks I'm going to die on the plane, so I'm doing a shout out to everyone now? Is that what's happening? Perhaps I should just stop typing before my mind gets all thinky and deathy?


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  1. You have always been and will always remain to be one of my favourite people. Love Emily G.xx