Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sister Act 2

I wasn't going to write anything today to give you all a break from my mad ramblings, but then something amusing happened.

I was in the kitchen in my lodge cooking my tea. Exildah, one of the staff that works here was in there, too and she was cooking for someone else so we were just chatting while we cooked. We were getting to know each other. I was asking her about the work she does and where else she has worked and she was asking me about me ever wanting to get married.

The conversation was a lovely, mellow one and she's so endearing and cute. When she left the kitchen we gave eachother a hug. As I was pulling away she cupped both hands right on my boobs and said 'I like your big breasts'.

She then started poking and prodding them in admiration and awe.

Rather than be shocked, I couldn't help p**sing myself, and she clearly meant it in a harmless way. I laughed, she laughed and then she went on her merry way.

So that got me thinking about one of my (many) favourite things about travelling and meeting new people.

The sisterhood.

Granted, this post might be a little 'boy unfriendly', but the sisterhood is a beautiful feeling that I often have in my life that I feel like sharing.

Its the natural, holistic understanding you have with other women and I especially find it when I travel because it has no cultural boundaries. Therefore a lot of the connections that I make are female where we don't need a common language to just 'know' something about each other.

Women all know what it is to be emotional wrecks some times. Of course, that's not exclusive to women, but hand in hand with knowing that you're going to experience sometimes crippling pain every month while your body does what it does, and that you're going to experience even bigger pain when the babies come is a solely female thing.

And there's more. Words can't really explain it. It's a feeling that comes with sitting outside doing each other's hair. Sharing clothes. Secretly whispering to your friend that her skirt is tucked in her knickers. Listening to one another talk about boys even though the conversation is going around in circles. Being able to ask all the questions that you want to about stuff that's embarrassing. Being tactile. Giggling.

Just being understood.

Just knowing that you are definitely going to go through some of the same things in your life at some point.

Maybe I'm alone in this feeling? It would be interesting to know if any other girls identify with a universal 'girl' connection. There are obvious exceptions to the rule. I mean, I'm sure I wouldn't naturally identify with Rose West if I met her. Or Maggie Thatcher. Or that Chinese lady who killed that British business man because of something to do with politics.

 I would also like to know if there is a universal 'brotherhood' and what makes it so, if there is one. Maybe some boys can enlighten me on that?

I just think as a general rule, girls rock and are sympathetic and sensitive to each other.

I would just like it to be known in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS THAT I AM NOT A FEMINIST!!!

I really don't like hardcore feminism, it offends me, however I love my girls, all around the world.

Now I'm going to go and listen to Beyonce songs all night and watch bridesmaids.....



  1. You're so lovely. I definitely experience that bond with women while traveling but I notice it daily with my patients. There is just something unspoken between us! xx

  2. So you know what I'm talking about, right? It's hard to put into words, isn't it? But it exists - the sisterhood! McHale, you're definately one of my sisterhood sisters.

  3. as a child of the spice girls era, i totally get this! haha not that the spice girls were quite singing about sister hood, but i always feel it with you and hannah for sure! lush blog lucy!christie xxx

  4. now you know how i feel with the boobs thing. i also agree with the sisterhood. your mummy

  5. Do boys get the same with a brotherhood?................Nah xPopperbearx

  6. So does that mean you think that women shouldn't be allowed to vote? And that men should get paid more than women for doing the exact same job?

  7. No way! I believe in absolute equality! And I support a lot of feminist principles, in the same way that I support same sex marriages but I'm not gay. However there are some parts of the more conservative feminist movements that I find to be 'anti men', not all, but some, and thats the bit that I want to disassociate myself with.

  8. And when are you you going to tell us a story of one of the women who have suffered land abuse rights? Was intrigued when I saw your Facebook photo. Love to you sister ;) x

  9. Yeah, Lia you're right, I've been consumed in the whole feelings thing again - my next post, I PROMISE!!! Apart from the one about a massive brag :)