Friday, 29 June 2012

The mad old cat woman

When I wash the dishes, I like to use a sponge. Normal cloths just don't do it for me and they don't feel like they get all the bits off.

There's a problem with my sponge love. There's another little person in my life that loves sponges.

We put the sponges high so she can't find them, but she does. We hide them in cupboards so she can't find them, but she does. We put them under stuff so she can't find them, but she does. And then this happens....

You might not be able to see the carnage that she causes in this photo, but in my house tiny bits of sponge EVERYWHERE is the norm.  She rips it up with such energy, that I believe she is truly threatened by the sponge.

She isn't stupid, though. She plays fetch and understands Welsh. She's sensitive enough not to eat birds, instead she eats the seeds in bird feeders.

The history of my cat, Sati, is a troubled one. I found her on my way to the gym early one Sunday morning. She was ten weeks old, shaking, she had cuts on her face and a plastic band around her neck, which was supposed to be a collar.

I knew immediately that she was probably traumatised and suffering from abandonment issues. Han says that I anthropomorphise too much and treat her like a human too much, but I'm telling you now she communicates to me and I know.

When I had my tarot cards read once I honestly thought it would say that I'm an emotional wreck, albeit a keen humanitarian who is going to live abroad and save the world and get married to a funny, sensitive, slightly eccentric traveller. However it said I was 'at one' with animals. The group I was with all laughed and so did I. It was like they were telling me I was Dr Doolittle when I wanted to be Mother Theresa.

Anyway, it turns out I can talk to my cat. And I love her so much, yeah she's a little needy, but as I keep saying she's got abandonment issues and she can get a bit insecure.

She's so affectionate and loving, its amazing. She gets in to bed to have a cuddle and she leaps onto my shoulders and head butts my head. She's got the best pink nose and massive paws and she's the best little girl in the world.

When I got up this morning I decided I was going to write a long blog post that made up for the last few days of not blogging, but then on my way into work we had a car accident and I can't really concentrate because I think I've got an injury. So I'm going to go and pick up my cat and go to the hospital, because she wouldn't want to not be with me at a time of trouble.

Here are some more pictures so you can see how amazing she is and how obsessed with her I am.

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  1. She's gorgeous!!! Good luck with not having a concussion ;) xo