Sunday, 10 June 2012

Where it all began....

I'm not really a writer.

When I thought about starting to write a blog I went through several, very distinct reactionary phases to myself and this whole blog idea thing. They went like this;

1. Hahaha!
2. Nah
3. Hmmmmm, could it make me famous?
4. I can almost feel myself starting to be bothered.Sort of...
5. Go on then....(sigh, sit down, hunch shoulders, sulky face)

And so here I am. Writing a blog.

My friends will know that it isn't really me, but I must admit I'm having a bit of  life-changing period of time at the moment, and if I don't start getting these thoughts in my head out, then I think my mental faculties will start to deteriorate faster than they should.

There is another reason that now is the time to blog, too. I'm going to Zambia for a few months in July and I've kinda promised people that I would update them via the creative and wonderful world-wide web about what I'm doing, how I'm doing,why I'm doing what I'm doing and of course, who I'm doing, etc.(I'm just joking about that last bit, mummykins).

It's already been a bit of a struggle. I woke up this morning and said to my boyfriend, 'today is the day I'm actually going to start writing a blog' and he giggled and said, 'the problem with writing one is that you have to be bothered to write'. And he's right about that. I always go on these nuts travels with my job and take a journal thinking that my future grandkids are going to find excitement and intrigue in learning about their nan's exploits and experiences, but on average I reach the second entry and then start moaning about hand cramp and brain strain. In fact, the last trip I went on to Sierra Leone, I had to get my sister to write my diary for me. Then I couldn't be arsed to dictate, so I gave up on entry 3.

So all day I've been trying to think of a name for it. Its got to start somewhere, so me and Mike, the boy, started to try and think of a name to inspire and attract readers, family, friends. Oh and fans. So, today was full of 'what about...' and 'hey, what do you think of...'. We decided on some good names, all of which were unavailable. Now thats usually about when my motivation levels start to falter and I quit, but I made myself get through it, and settled on 'the universe according to Lucy'. The reason being, this isn't just my diary for when I go to Zambia. This whole life changing thing is provoking the opinionated side of me and I'm ready to get them all down on virtual paper.

So if anyone is interested, the blog entries that follow are my thoughts about the world, life, the universe, my head, other people, love, blah blah blah. I will be talking about my next expedition to Zambia a bit, too, but on my return, I hope to continue blogging my thoughts as a way of trying to keep up to date with my changes and communicate them to the people around me.

That, of course, is if I can be arsed....


  1. just have fun wiht it. dont make writing stuff a chore make it a fun thing to do :) im excited to see what comes out xx

  2. You're so lovely. I look forward to more! Xoxo