Monday, 11 June 2012

Blog Etiquette

I have come to the conclusion that I might need a little help to kick start my new life as a successful blogger.

In true Lucy style, I think I may have overthought it already and it hasn't even begun. I have already lost sleep worrying about how many times a day/week/decade I should blog? And who is really going to read it? Why am I doing it? Will people think I'm mental? Can I swear on my blog? In real life my language is pretty f**ked up, is it ok for that to translate onto a public page? Will children read this and get the wrong impression of me? What if I say something offensive to someone? Maybe I'll just end up inviting hate mail? Have I got interesting things to say? How can I avoid humblebragging? What if Adam Levine ends up reading it and not falling in love with me? Oh God...its all a massive risk...

Nevertheless that is how my brain works. Hannah, my twin, says to me often 'Oh my God, I'm so glad I'm me and not you' when I tell her how my head behaves. I don't blame her. Sometimes I try to convince myself that overactive neurons are the stuff of genius. Then I remember that I used to think olives came from the sea....

Despite my messy thoughts that happen regularly and rapidly, I am actually a pretty organised person. I would possibly even go as far as saying a control freak. And I'm perfectly happy to apply that side of myself to this blog. If I had the time I would make a spreadsheet to tell me when I should blog, what I should say, what the title should be and who my target audience is. I would colour code it into categories of blog posts. Perhaps I would have a little alarm set at specific times to tell me when its time to blog.

I'm nearly ready to start getting to the point of my blog. Perhaps even in the next post. I'm nearly ready to confront some of the skeletons in my closet and put them out there for all to see. To be honest and open and unashamed of myself in public. To be proud of myself for maybe the first time ever and to show people actually who I think I might be.

And so I think I've just answered some questions. I'm doing it for me. And it doesn't matter who sees it really. It's my therapy. It's my starting point for the next phase of myself. And even if Adam Levine doesn't fall in love with me after reading, that's ok. Kinda...

Jesus God, what am I talking about?


  1. Omg I love this, please keep this up so it can become the new online addiction in my life!!! Xxx

  2. I am offended already and so is my friend Adam!

  3. Sorry thats my comment above Lucy X

  4. Dude, I suck at blogging. I've had maybe 20 blogs over the years. One of them got into the 100s of entries before I just forgot about it and moved on to something else. Readership is key. If you can get a few regular readers, you at least feel like you're writing for someone rather than just for yourself.